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Hearing Specialists

Welcome to Chime Social Enterprise - Audiology Services

Since 2011 we have been key providers of audiology services for East and Mid-Devon, and we have been UKAS accredited since 2015.

We offer a wide range of NHS services including: hearing tests & hearing aid fittings, paediatrics, balance, tinnitus, bone anchored hearing aids. We also provide wax removal and private hearing aids.

We have a team of friendly and efficient staff who are always willing to assist with enquiries by telephone and email, and you can find us on Twitter and Facebook: @ChimeHearing

About Us


About us

Chime are your local hearing experts, providing audiology services on behalf of the NHS in Exeter, Mid and East Devon. We are a not-for-profit social enterprise who provide NHS services free at the point of delivery for our patients. As well as our hearing aid services for both adults and children, we provide vestibular and balance services, tinnitus management and hearing therapy. In addition to these NHS services, we see some patients privately for commercial hearing aids and wax removal. Chime is a Community Interest Company (CIC) which means that we have the freedom to invest any surplus funds we make into making our services even better for our patients.

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Help & Advice

If you have questions about hearing aids or hearing health then our experts can help. Explore our help and advice section for articles and videos answering some of the most frequently asked questions below

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Patient Stories

Your thoughts...

Chime carried out my hearing test and, ultimately, the fitting of my hearing aids. They would not let me go until I was completely happy with the fitting and the end result.


I must say, Chime have opened up a whole new world for me.

I now hear water running in the sink, clocks ticking and, most of all, don't have to say SORRY, PARDON, EXCUSE ME to friends, family and strangers.

Chime… You are doing a fantastic job… thank-you.


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Patient Stories

Your thoughts...

I have had a hearing loss for 30 years but my aids were only effective in certain situations. When I got a new job, I decided I really needed to get my hearing sorted out.


I am so pleased Chime Audiology were able to help me. My new receiver in the canal hearing aids are small, comfortable and discreet.

I now wear my aids all the time and have a great improvement in the quality of both my social and work life.

I no longer have problems with my hearing and I can now lead a normal life.


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