Children’s Hearing

Children’s Hearing

Children’s Hearing

Hearing well throughout childhood is important for speech and language development, education and social development.

Children may be born with a degree of deafness or acquire a permanent hearing loss during childhood due to illness or injury. Additionally, many babies and young children have temporary hearing difficulties associated with colds and congestion.

At Chime we aim to identify hearing levels and supply appropriate advice, onward referral and intervention with hearing aids.

If you have concerns about your child's hearing, speak to their GP or Health Visitor who can refer to us for a hearing test


Children’s Hearing Services

Patient Stories

Your thoughts...

Chime carried out my hearing test and, ultimately, the fitting of my hearing aids. They would not let me go until I was completely happy with the fitting and the end result.


I must say, Chime have opened up a whole new world for me.

I now hear water running in the sink, clocks ticking and, most of all, don't have to say SORRY, PARDON, EXCUSE ME to friends, family and strangers.

Chime… You are doing a fantastic job… thank-you.


Patient Stories

Your thoughts...

I have had a hearing loss for 30 years but my aids were only effective in certain situations. When I got a new job, I decided I really needed to get my hearing sorted out.


I am so pleased Chime Audiology were able to help me. My new receiver in the canal hearing aids are small, comfortable and discreet.

I now wear my aids all the time and have a great improvement in the quality of both my social and work life.

I no longer have problems with my hearing and I can now lead a normal life.


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