Hearing Aids

Choosing A Hearing Aid

There are several different styles of hearing aid but it is important that your audiologist helps you to choose one that best meets your needs. In the ear hearing aids are generally not fitted as part of the NHS service and behind the ear hearing aids are usually fitted.

The technology inside all hearing aids tends to be much the same regardless of the size and shape of the aid. The size of hearing aids only really differs because of power requirements – the more severe the hearing loss, the larger the hearing aid may need to be in order to provide enough power. The style of the earpiece may also differ and this depends upon the level of hearing loss also as well as the size and shape of the ear and the individual requirements of the user. Your audiologist will be able to advise on which hearing aid and earpiece is most appropriate for you.

Our Hearing Aids

At Chime Hearing Centre we offer a wide variety of digital hearing aids featuring the latest technology to help you find the solution that most suits your needs, considering a solution appropriate to your lifestyle and type of hearing loss.

Bluetooth Direct Streaming to smartphone, Improving Background Noise are some of the many features of the hearing aid we provide.

Hearing aids come in a range of different styles and manufacturers: BTE (Behind The Ear), RIC (Receiver In the Canal) and ITE (In The Ear).
If you are interested in learning more about what we offer, contact Chime Hearing Centre where our hearing care professionals will be able to guide you on a personalised path to find the most suitable solution for your hearing well-being.

On the NHS we are currently issuing Signia Stretta hearing aids.