Ear Wax Removal at the Chime Hearing Centre

Ear Wax Removal

Ear Wax Removal is a safe and comfortable ear cleaning service offered by our dedicated experienced audiologists at the Chime Hearing Centre in Exeter.

At Chime, we offer the gold standard in ear wax removal procedures, bringing you the utmost care and expertise for all your ear health needs. We understand the importance of clear and healthy ears, which is why we're pleased to offer our specialised Ear Wax Removal (Micro-suction) service. You can conveniently book your wax removal appointments directly with us, either by visiting the Chime Hearing Centre, calling us, or sending an enquiry via the website. Rest assured, we prioritise arranging your appointment promptly, connecting you with our expert hearing service providers without delay.

Ear Cleaning using Microsuction for Ear Wax Removal

We utilise the highly regarded method of micro-suction, known for its precision and comfort. This advanced technique sets the stage for an enhanced experience, prioritising your safety and well-being throughout the process.


Why Choose Chime for Ear Cleaning through Ear Wax Removal?

At Chime, we recognise the growing demand for ear wax removal services.

Our approach to ear wax removal is centred around your convenience and well-being. By booking with the Chime Hearing Centre, you have the flexibility to schedule your wax removal appointment directly through us. We will endeavour to ensure that your appointment is promptly arranged with our expert hearing service providers. 

Here are some of the key reasons why thousands of people choose Chime.

  • We are THE hearing experts and use the latest micro-suction technology and procedures for hearing care including wax removal.
  • Be reassured that you are in the hands of registered hearing care professionals, offering specialist advice on your hearing health to ensure that hearing clarity is restored.
  • We are recognised as the leading provider for hearing care in the South West.
  • Our team has a wealth of combined experience, offering trustable expertise in hearing health.
  • We are a non-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC), reinvesting surplus finances to enhance services and the patient experience.
  • Our vision states that we are committed to "Excellence in hearing and balance care that transforms lives".

Micro-suction: The Safer and More Comfortable Option for Ear Cleaning

At Chime Hearing Centre, your safety and comfort are our top priorities. That's why we employ the advanced technique of micro-suction for ear wax removal. Micro-suction is widely recognised for its safety and efficiency, offering a gentle and precise way to remove excess ear wax without the need for water irrigation or messy solutions.

Micro-suction involves using specialised equipment that suctions out the ear wax in a controlled manner. This method minimises the risks compared to traditional ear syringing, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a safer alternative. Our experienced audiologists are skilled in performing micro-suction with precision, ensuring a smooth and comfortable process from start to finish.


Accessible and Affordable Ear Wax Removal

Chime Hearing Service is committed to making quality ear care accessible to everyone. Our Exeter City Centre branch is now equipped to provide professional ear wax removal services. With our Micro-suction Ear Wax Removal service available at just £35 per ear, you can experience the benefits of clearer hearing.

Testmonials for Our Ear Wax Removal Service

“A very big thank you for such an excellent service from you all who truly care. So very impressive.”

“The ear suction was great, far better than the old syringe method. Have told all my friends to do the same, well worth the money First class service provided by helpful staff, thankyou “

“The courtesy and professionalism of the whole team was exceptional”.

Book Your Ear Wax Removal Appointment Today

Booking your Micro-suction Ear Wax Removal appointment at Chime Hearing Service is simple. Connect with one of our dedicated experienced audiologists by calling 01392 953060. Alternatively, you can submit an enquiry through our online advice form.