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Hearing Health Services & Information

About Hearing Health

Hearing health is extremely important and needs to be taken into consideration across all age groups. Learn more about hearing loss here.


Hearing Loss

One in every six adults in the UK – that’s over 10 million people - are deaf or have a hearing loss. Learn more about hearing loss here.


Hearing Therapy

The Hearing Therapist provides a comprehensive rehabilitation service for adults with an acquired hearing loss to help find ways of accepting and adjusting to hearing loss. Learn more here.


About Tinnitus

Tinnitus is the term used for any noise heard in the ears or head, in the absence of any external sound. Learn about Tinnitus and how we can help here.


About Hyperacusis

The term hyperacusis describes the experience of an increased sensitivity to everyday sounds. Learn more about hyperacusis here.


Managing Hearing Loss

Hearing loss impacts on people’s lives very differently and it is worth considering any activity limitations or participation restrictions that your hearing loss has imposed upon you. Learn how we can help here.


Ear Balance Service

We offer a full and comprehensive balance assessment and rehabilitation service. Read more here.


Balance Therapy

Balance therapy can be offered to patients who may be undertaking, or have completed Balance Rehabilitation, when anxiety and confidence issues, relating to balance, are thought to be hindering progress.


Children's Hearing

Learn about children's hearing

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Patient Stories

Your thoughts...

Chime carried out my hearing test and, ultimately, the fitting of my hearing aids. They would not let me go until I was completely happy with the fitting and the end result.


I must say, Chime have opened up a whole new world for me.

I now hear water running in the sink, clocks ticking and, most of all, don't have to say SORRY, PARDON, EXCUSE ME to friends, family and strangers.

Chime… You are doing a fantastic job… thank-you.


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Patient Stories

Your thoughts...

I have had a hearing loss for 30 years but my aids were only effective in certain situations. When I got a new job, I decided I really needed to get my hearing sorted out.


I am so pleased Chime Audiology were able to help me. My new receiver in the canal hearing aids are small, comfortable and discreet.

I now wear my aids all the time and have a great improvement in the quality of both my social and work life.

I no longer have problems with my hearing and I can now lead a normal life.


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