Chime Service User Group

Chime Service User Group

Join our service user group and help improve patient experience

What is it?

We are a group representative of members of the public accessing Chime services, including our patients and/or parents/carers of patients from the various areas of speciality within the department.

When do we meet?

The group meets for 1-2 hours every three-four months on a Thursday evening (between 16:00 and 18:00).

Where? Within Exeter, or via Microsoft Teams.

Who organises it?

The group is led by members of the audiology department from Chime Social Enterprise.

Why have a group?

The aim is to maintain a process for consulting with our patients regarding the services we offer at Chime.  We are looking to better understand your experience of our service. The group will be consulted for feedback on service provision, potential service developments and to propose suggestions for enhancement of existing services and facilities.  

How to contact us?