Will My Hearing Get Worse If I Wear Hearing Aids?

Audiologists are commonly asked this question by patients who are considering using hearing aids for the first time, and the short answer is no! Our digital hearing aids are specifically programmed based on your individual hearing loss. This ensures that they are set to a volume that is both comfortable and safe for you. Hearing aids amplify the quieter sounds that you struggle to hear, whilst providing little or no amplification for the louder sounds that you hear naturally.  

Hearing aids allow an individual to hear the quieter sounds by stimulating auditory nerve cells that are otherwise underused due to the hearing loss. An upper limit is set to ensure that louder sounds are never amplified to levels that could be uncomfortable or potentially damaging. 

Over time as you wear your hearing aids your brain will adjust and get used to hearing the sounds you had been missing out on, so you will notice the difference when you take them out! This doesn’t mean your hearing has got worse or that your ears have become lazy, it just means that your brain is adapting to using the hearing aids. Hearing can change naturally over time, so we recommend having your hearing aids serviced regularly, roughly every 6 months. We advise you to contact us if you have any concerns about your hearing.