Hearing Devices

Assisted Hearing Devices

Hearing Aids are not the only devices that could help you with your hearing. There are many different devices that can be useful in specific environments that you can use with or without a hearing aid.


What devices are available?

Alerting devices to make you more aware of when a device is going off. For example, doorbells, alarm clocks, smoke detectors.

Telephones to help you hear it ring or to hear people better whilst talking.

Television equipment to help improve the sound or reduce the volume

How can they help?

Alerting devices

Alarm clocks can vibrate, flash or have extra loud alarms. Smoke detectors can have a pager system, or flashing lights.


Amplified telephones are available which can be used with or without a hearing aid. Some hearing aid compatible phones and mobiles use the loop to enhance the signal.


Headphones are available for plugging into the TV or using wirelessly. There are also Infra-red or FM systems. This equipment helps increase the clarity for you but also reduce the volume for others.

For hearing aid users, loop systems are available to help with the TV to reduce the volume and improve the signal. These may be larger room loops or smaller personal loops (worn around the neck).