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Hearing Test Information & Services

How Hearing Tests Work

Our hearing tests are quick, accurate, personalised assessments, which are usually completed within 15-30 minutes by an experienced audiologist. Learn how hearing tests work here.


Free Online Hearing Test

Do you think you have hearing loss? Check your hearing in less than five minutes with our free online hearing test. Get started by clicking the link below.


Complex Auditory Disability

Sometimes further testing is required to investigate more complex hearing conditions. Find out more about complex auditory disability here.


Children's Hearing Tests

Your child may be referred at any stage by a health professional for a hearing test if there are any concerns about their hearing or language development. Learn more about paediatric hearing tests here.


Newborn Hearing Screening

It is not easy to identify that a young baby has a hearing loss. This hearing screening test will allow those babies who do have a hearing loss to be identified early. Learn more here.


Hearing Test FAQs

Sometimes, your hearing aid can go wrong and we are always here to help. Here are some solutions that may help troubleshoot the issue at home.

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Patient Stories

Your thoughts...

Chime carried out my hearing test and, ultimately, the fitting of my hearing aids. They would not let me go until I was completely happy with the fitting and the end result.


I must say, Chime have opened up a whole new world for me.

I now hear water running in the sink, clocks ticking and, most of all, don't have to say SORRY, PARDON, EXCUSE ME to friends, family and strangers.

Chime… You are doing a fantastic job… thank-you.


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Patient Stories

Your thoughts...

I have had a hearing loss for 30 years but my aids were only effective in certain situations. When I got a new job, I decided I really needed to get my hearing sorted out.


I am so pleased Chime Audiology were able to help me. My new receiver in the canal hearing aids are small, comfortable and discreet.

I now wear my aids all the time and have a great improvement in the quality of both my social and work life.

I no longer have problems with my hearing and I can now lead a normal life.


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