Hearing Tests

How Hearing Tests Work

Just like your eyes and teeth, your ears also need regular tests to monitor your aural health. In the UK 1 in 6 people suffer from hearing loss of some degree so we always recommend you take advantage of our free hearing tests, which are conducted by audiologists who have the experience to assess your hearing needs.

What to expect from a hearing test

Our hearing tests are quick, accurate, personalised assessments, which are usually completed within 15-30 minutes by an experienced audiologist.

Our team of experts are then able to offer advice on how various hearing aids work, as well as make appropriate recommendations on the next steps to dealing with your hearing health.

The audiologist will place headphones over your ears and present various sounds to you. You will be given a hand-held button, which you will be asked to press whenever you hear the sounds. As you do this, your audiologist will keep a note of your responses.

Usually a smaller headphone is then placed behind one of your ears and the process is repeated. In some cases, you may be asked to ignore an additional sound – similar to the noise of a waterfall – whilst listening for some of the sounds.

On arrival the process will be fully explained to you by your audiologist at the beginning of your hearing test to ensure you understand and to give you an opportunity to ask questions.

Your free NHS hearing test

As we work with the NHS as a social enterprise, our hearing tests are completely free. Our audiologists do not earn commission on sales, meaning you can be confident you are receiving accurate and impartial information to meet your best interests.

Like an eye prescription, after the test the results are yours! There is no obligation to buy a hearing aid from us, but we’re confident you won’t find better value than with Chime.

Request a hearing test

You can secure a time with a quick call: 01392 953060 or drop in to see if we have a gap; one of our team will be able to help!

It usually takes less than 30 minutes to complete a hearing test so you could pop in to our state of the art clinic - Chime Hearing Centre - 21-22 Queen Street, Exeter opposite the RAAM museum. Find the address on our contact page.

Alternatively, complete our 'Request Advice' form and we'll make sure you're responded to as soon as possible.