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Help With Your Hearing Aids

Remote services

We are now offering many of our services remotely in order to comply with national guidance and allow us to manage social distancing within our limited waiting areas.

Hearing aid fittings are being carried out remotely where your hearing aids will be programmed according to your prescription and posted out to you ready to use. These instructional videos will help to support you in the use of your hearing aids and tell you all you need to know about maintenance and what to expect from them.

It is also possible for us to fine tune your hearing aids remotely as necessary if you are able to download the appropriate app to connect to the aids on a smartphone or tablet. For those who need face to face help, we are of course always here and ask that you contact us by phone to discuss how we can help you.

You can find a number of downloadable instructional leaflets via the Helpful Resources section of this page

Getting Used to your hearing aids


Turning your hearing aid on and off


Inserting your ear mould


CLEANING your ear mould




exchanging the lifetip (signia hearing aids)


how to exchange a minireceiver wax guard (signia hearing aids)


how to exchange the battery of your bte hearing aid (signia hearing aids)


how to put on a signia ric receiver in canal hearing aid (signia hearing aids)


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