Hearing Aids

Adult Hearing Aid Rehabilitation

If you would like to be assessed for a hearing aid and do not already have one, visit your General Practitioner (G.P.) who can refer you to us for a hearing test and a hearing aid can be provided if necessary.


Initial appointment

  • Lifestyle assessment – Where is it important for you to hear?
  • Examination of the ear and auditory canal
  • Full audiometric investigation
  • Explanation of the results
  • Advice on the most appropriate hearing system to suit your needs
  • Reports to Hearing therapy, your G.P or Ear Nose and Throat specialist as required

Fitting appointment

  • Initial programming of the hearing instrument to your hearing test results
  • Fine tuning of the hearing instrument using real ear measurements
  • Full instructions on use and care of the hearing instrument

Follow up

  • 8-10 weeks after your initial fitting we’ll make another appointment to see you, or to telephone you at home to discuss your progress. Any further fine tuning that is required can be carried out at this stage.

After care & repair services

  • Open repair clinic at Wonford
  • Booked repair appointments at locality clinics
  • Reassessment of your hearing every 5 years
  • Batteries