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Hearing Services at Chime 

With over 7 years' experience in providing private hearing services in Exeter and surrounding areas, we have become the first choice for many patients looking for the latest hearing technology. We offer a wide range of hearing services, all tailored specifically to meet individual needs and ensure the best patient care possible. Our hearing services include:

Each one of our hearing services will be carried out by an expertly trained professional to ensure the highest quality treatment. From high-quality hearing aids to ear wax removal, Chime Hearing Centre is on hand to provide hearing services im the South West.

Hearing Aids

Here at Chime Hearing Centre, we provide high-quality hearing aids for a selection of different needs. We work with all the best hearing aid manufacturers, meaning that we are able to choose a device that is really suitable for the individual’s needs, rather than being tied to one or two companies. Our hearing aids offer incredible depth of sound, enchancing various types of noise into a coherant sounds. There are various different types of hearing aids available.

  • While the NHS (National Health Service) hearing aids are advancing technically, and closing the gap between NHS and Private, there still remains a difference in technology between private and NHS. E.g. The analysis of incoming sounds and enhancement of speech.
  •  A major benefit of selecting Private Hearing Services over the NHS service is the choice of hearing aid.
  • NHS aids are decided by contractual means between manufacturer and the NHS.
  • Private aids can be chosen from a variety of manufacturers.
  •  NHS aids are generally of one style, i.e., slim tube BTE with some variation due to loss.
  • Private hearing aids can be Custom (IIC, CIC, ITC, FSH), BTE or RIC depending on suitability and customer choice.
  • Rechargeable aids are proving very popular, not yet available on the NHS.
  • Our Hearing Services offer Private hearing aid fittings, followed by pre-arranged follow-up appointments, to deliver the best personalized benefits from the hearing aids for you
  • Annual checkups are arranged, so private hearing service patients can rest assured knowing that hearing aids will receive an annual service and retuned based on results from an annual hearing test.
  • In addition to the walk-in clinic. Service calls can be booked at specific times to suit, rather than take a chance with a walk-in clinic to ensure you receive the hearing service you deserve.

Chime_Jan22-49With different types of hearings aids available, it's important to understand the best type of hearing aid for each circumstance. Our trained professionals will carry out in-depth, non-intrusive prodecures to determine the best type of hearing aid.

Ear Wax Removal (Microsuction)

Ear wax removal appointments are becoming more difficult to arrange through your GP, as many health centre’s have stopped performing wax removal.

Ear wax removal appointments can be booked directly through Chime, walk in or by phone and the appointment arranged as soon as possible with our hearing service providers.

While there is always some risk associated with ear wax removal, here at Chime Hearing Centre we uses micro suction which is considered to be a safer and a more comfortable process.

Discover more about our Ear Wax Removal services.

Assistive Listening Devices & Hearing Aid Connectivity Devices

Sometimes no matter how great the technology, it can be enhanced in certain circumstances by the addition of a purpose designed accessory. This should be done on a case by case basis where difficulties of hearing still exist  for example: hearing things at a distance, hearing groups of people, hearing the television, hearing the telephone, or distinguishing background noise. There are many accessories that can help to improve the wearer’s experiences for all hearing conditions. Whether this comes in the form of a remote control, TV accessory, purpose made telephones, alarm clocks or an alerting device, our hearing services team can help identify the best solutions for you. 

The availability of Bluetooth has meant hearing aids can tune into the ever-changing world of mobile phones and tablets using direct control for volume and programmes as well as apps for remote servicing and personal tuning. The ability to hear a phone call in both ears is a major benefit to phone users and using the hearing aids as the headset for listening to music or films. To find out what you might need, get in contact with our hearing services team today

Hearing Protection

Many people who have prolonged exposure to loud noises suffer from hearing loss and hearing damage over time. To prevent this, ear protection is worn to help protect your hearing for longer, preventing potential hearing damage. Our hearing services can include the fitting of custom ear plugs which can be used in almost any environment where hearing protection or noise reduction is needed. They are widely used in a variety of industries, evening including motorsport, the military and many other sectors to help you protect your hearing. In addition to hearing protection, custom made ear plugs can be purpose made for reducing the effects of a snoring partner or for night shift workers wanting an undisturbed sleep.

Swimming Ear Plugs

Swimming ear plugs can protect your ears from the elements by blocking the ear canals, helping prevent the onset of surfers' ear (exostosis), swimmers' ear (otitis externa), ear infections and ear inflammation that can occur from cold water immersion. Swimming ear plugs are recommended if you are frequently in the water, particualrly on a daily basis, as it will help to protect your ears for longer.

Our professional hearing protection services can be tailored to specific needs, ensuring that you are able to maintain your ear health for years to come.

Hearing Services for Musicians

One of the most frequent causes of damage to the ear is over exposure to loud noises, such as listening to music at a high volume. This is particualrly the case when it comes to musicians. Years of exposure to loud music at concerts, gigs, festivals, and other occasions where you might perform, can often lead to prolonged hearing damage and the use of hearing aids.

Chime Hearing Centre provides expert hearing services for musicians, specifically focussed on providing hearing protection to those with hearing damage. Our professionals can tailor hearing protection for you, such as custom fitted ear plugs, to ensure your ears are looked after. These can then be used whenever there is loud music, keeping your hearing in the best condition possible. If you're looking for hearing services for musicians, Chime is on hand to help you with your needs.

Hearing Aid Maintenance

As with most things, good maintenance of your hearing aids will optimise performance and minimize the need for hearing aid repairs. Ear wax and moisture are the main culprits for failing hearing aids. The Chime hearing services team can help with the process of cleaning and maintaining your hearing aids, reducing down time and helping prolong the life of the hearing aid. Our hearing aid mainteance services include:

  • Changing batteries
  • Replacing the dome
  • Cleaning the filter
  • Deep cleaning the hearing aid unit

Our hearing services team can help you choosing the correct batteries for your devices as well as ear wax filters, domes and tubes fitted for your hearing devices

The Chime Hearing centre also offers a walk-in hearing aid repair clinic for those extra difficult bits and offer you peace of mind.

 So whatever you need for your hearing aid, get in contact with our hearing services team today.