What Do I Do If My Hearing Aid Isn't Working?

There are various reasons for a hearing aid to stop working: 

Is it a battery issue?

Make sure the battery door is completely closed. Try a new battery even if it is new or ran out faster than you expected.  

Is the tubing blocked?  

Sometimes if the tubing has not been changed for a while then it can build up debris within the tube. In this instance it is advisable to get the tubing changed either by attending a repair clinic or posting the hearing aid in. 

It is also worth checking the hole in the ear mould where the sound comes out. It may be blocked with ear wax. If it does appear to be blocked use a small implement such as a cocktail stick to unblock it.  

Another cause of blockage is moisture in the tubing, this can be more difficult to spot, try holding the hearing aid and mould in your hand and flick your hand downwards a few times to dislodge the moisture.  

Is the wax trap blocked? 

For hearing aids with a receiver and dome system sometimes the wax trap, in the end of the receiver and underneath the dome, can become blocked with wax and this will need changing. – Link to changing wax traps PDF 

If you have tried point 1, 2 and 3 and your hearing aid still does not work then please attend one of our repair clinics to have your hearing aid checked or send it to us in the post.