Hearing Aids

How Hearing Aids Work

Digital hearing aids work by converting the sound signal entering into the microphone into a digital signal which can then be amplified and appropriately processed to give the best resulting sound signal from the receiver. Because the digital signal can easily be altered via a computer when the hearing aid is plugged into it, the hearing aids can be best altered to exactly match your needs.

Digital hearing aids are fitted to a prescription which is calculated from your hearing test to ensure the level is appropriate and to give the best access to speech sounds. Extra programs may be added to help in different situations such as lots of background noise, when listening to music or when in public places with access to loop systems.

Many digital hearing aids can be set so that they optimally adapt automatically to the type of environment you are in at the time. It is best to describe your needs to the audiologist at the initial consultation to ensure that they tailor the hearing aids to best suit your needs. Settings can be changed at subsequent appointments if you are experiencing problems or your situation changes.