How Do I Know If My Hearing Aid Isn't Working?


Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if your hearing aid is working. Follow the steps below to help identify if you have a problem:

  • Make sure the battery door is completely closed and you have a fresh battery in. 
  • With the hearing aid turned on, take the hearing aid and cup it in your hand, you or a friend should be able to hear a high-pitched squeal coming from the hearing aid. 
  • With the hearing aid in your ear, rub your finger over the microphone, this will be located near the top of the hearing aid. You should hear a “scratching” or “static” noise in that ear. 
  • If you have multiple programs set in your hearing aid, press the program button to change the programs while your hearing aids are in. Your hearing aid should make a sound to indicate the program change. 
  • With your hearing aids out, turn the volume of your television or radio to a comfortable level for you. Leave the volume where it is and put your hearing aids in. You should notice a change in volume or “clearness” with your hearing aids in, and you may find yourself wanting to turn the volume down. 
  • Turn the hearing aid off and back on while leaving it in your ear. You should hear a start-up sound when it comes on, maybe a tune or a set of beeps. 

If you have tried all the above steps and you are still not sure your hearing aids are working, please either contact us to arrange an appointment, attend a walk in repair clinic or post your hearing aids to us for a repair.