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How can Exeter's Chime Hearing Centre help?

Posted on 2022-12-16 14:21:00 in General

 With over 7 years’ experience in providing private hearing care services, Chime Hearing Centre has become the centre of excellence for many patients looking for the latest hearing technology and an alternative to our NHS hearing aids.

Our recent move to Queen Street made our services even more accessible to people who need our help. Located in front of the RAMM museum in Queen Street, our facility is well connected to train, buses, and taxis.

Services accessible at Chime Hearing Centre in Exeter

At Chime Hearing Centre we provide a variety of audiology services focused to make our patients’ life easier. From hearing assessment, hearing aid fitting, follow up and ongoing aftercare to ear wax removal, hearing protection, swim plugs, NHS audiology services and hearing aid accessories, our experts strive to help people in need.

Hearing assessment

At its early stages, the hearing loss does not impact on daily conversation, therefore it is difficult to notice as it often occurs gradually. Whether you are curious about your hearing or if you know you suffer from hearing loss and want to check your hearing, private hearing consultation is what you need!

A private hearing consultation is the easiest way to quickly check your hearing thresholds. Our HCPC registered audiologists will take care of you and discuss your hearing and evaluate possible solutions.

At Chime Hearing Centre you can also access our NHS hearing tests service. If you think you suffer from hearing loss, ask you GP to referrer you to us for a hearing test.

Hearing aids

Here at Chime Hearing Centre we proudly work with the best hearing aid manufacturers. We are not locked in with one manufacturer. therefore, we are able to select the perfect solution that matches your needs.

Discrete, multi-coloured, rechargeable, almost invisible in the ear, Bluetooth enabled, enhanced speech and clarity; these are all available at Chime Hearing Centre. The HCPC registered audiologist will help you to find the ideal match depending on your needs.

NHS hearing aids are also available in our premises. NHS aids are generally of one style; slim tube/earmould BTE with some variation due to loss. The audiologist will select and show the model suitable for your hearing loss.

Assistive Listening Devices

Hearing aids solve a lot of hearing issues, helping you socialize and enjoy conversation, however there are some specific situations which are challenging and might need additional support.

Purposefully designed hearing aid accessories to address the challenging situation mentioned above include devices for hearing the TV clearly, remote microphones to assist in group conversation, meetings and more.

Ear Wax removal 

A build-up of ear wax can cause some issues including temporary hearing loss, temporary mild tinnitus, itching and discomfort.

At Chime Hearing Centre, we offer two pain free treatments.

Manual ear wax removal and microsuction.

If are in doubt whether there is a significant build-up of wax in your ears, you can attend our walk-in clinic to get them checked for free.

Our audiologists trained in ear wax removal will initially evaluate the amount and type of wax in your ears and then discuss the most effective treatment to suit your needs. Learn more about Ear Wax Removal.

Custom ear plugs

Ear plugs are versatile and can help protect your hearing and your ears in a variety of different environments.

Whether it is music, motorsports, swimming, surfing, or shooting, at Chime Hearing Centre we can discuss your specific needs or requirements and provide you with a tailor-made solution.