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Chime Impact Report 2023 : Making a real difference

Posted on 2023-07-06 12:41:00 in General

Our mission is simple: To deliver excellence in hearing and balance care that transforms lives.

To evidence this further, in May 2023 Chime conducted an independent Social Impact Report to quantify how Chime Hearing Services unlock multiple health and social impacts, so demonstrating that Chime indeed represents the best of NHS hearing services.

The attached report produced by Make an Impact CIC includes health, social and environmental reviews of Chime services across Exeter and East Devon including a survey sent to over 3000 Chime users.

The key messages are: 

  • Chime delivers clinical excellence in hearing care and demonstrates outstanding value for money: every £1 invested in Chime services delivers £13 of social value. 
  • Chime delivers multiple health and social benefits with;
    • 82% of respondents reporting reduced isolation benefits from hearing better.
    • 74% reported improved family relationships. 
    • 92% of people reported hearing better, and improved mental health and wellbeing.

Chime services also:

  • Reduced GP surgery time visits, saving an estimated £232,642 each year, 
  • Reduced use on social services with an estimated savings of £1.25million annually. 
  • Reduced dizziness, falls and associated health costs of £3.1million annually.

On environmental impacts:

  • Chime helped reduce travel for customers by having 14 outreach clinics, averting 257,262 miles annually on travel and emissions. 
  • Chime refurbished over 4,150 hearing aids annually, donating them to international charities.

Please see the full report here for details. 


Chime Impact Report 2023 : Making a real difference