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Chime Board Aug 22 Public Minutes

Posted on 2022-10-14 09:23:00 in General

Date 12th August at 10am, Devon Hotel, Victorian Suite

Attended Richard Smith (chair)
Jonathan Parsons Anna Trotter
Sibylla Imbesi (via Teams) Amelia Quinta
Hannah Gravenor Phil Johnston Chris Dilley
Pete Macklin

Apologies Pat Britton

Minutes Sophie Hannon

Public Minutes Actions

1. Welcome

2. Apologies
Pat Britton

3. Minutes of last meeting: June 2022
All agreed

4. Matters arising and Actions
i. Chime Foundation website: project due to be completed by the next board meeting. Staff recognition: System Implemented.
ii. Bonuses and enhanced pay: See MD report. Gov WiFi: Being fitted in all sites
iii. CHC concept: Produce a script for staff to explain the Chime model for public

5. Managing Directors Report – see MD report
Job descriptions for operations support, ATOs, and band 4 audiologists reviewed. Outcomes discussed between JP and PM and a decision made, which was emailed to all staff highlighting those affected.

Contract review
Recent meeting took place with JP, PM, and the CCG.

CCG and future strategy PM
The board held a detailed discussion re partnership and the Integrated Care Board. Contact to be made to arrange a meeting

Operations Managers Reports

NHS Operations Managers Report – see AT report

Stock and Logistics
Running very efficiently and receiving positive feedback.

Commercial Report – see CHC report

Overall performance against three-month budget discussed

6. NHS Operations Managers Report – see SI report
6.a Hearing therapy
Good progress regarding UKAS accreditation,
The proposed on-line patient feedback system due to complete by end of September.
DNA rates discussed
Education and training
Two new starters for the apprentice role in September. MSc students making good progress towards completion.

IT service

6b. Health and safety
No serious incidents to report and the number of minor incidents recorded is in line with expectation.
Ops support team are trialling standing desks to reduce fatigue; initial feedback is encouraging.

None at the time of report.

6c. Finance Report - see PM report
The budget has been recalculated to improve understanding, apportioning cost equally by month; this should improve understanding. The overall totals remain as previously agreed.

The cash flow is in line with the budgeted forecast
The audit is near completion by Francis Clark, with a final draft due for board approval by October board meeting

Marketing Report – see PJ report
Significant increase to visits to the website. The CHC microsite has been delayed , but action in hand to complete. The Chime Foundation website development continues.

CHC Queen Street
The architect has unpaid expenses; it was agreed that Chime should settle these, then claim back.

The Chime 2022 accessories brochure is proving successful and being reprinted.

Social channels
YouTube information videos viewing figures have reached 15,000

Safety & Quality
No reported issues

7. Employee Engagement Group – see HG report
The first meeting of the new group was enthusiastic; the first focus is on integration of the different teams within Chime and a mental health support strategy for staff. Current projects include:
• Cycle to work scheme
• Standing desk solution trial
• New literature on EO, its benefits and Chime membership
• Currently recruiting for Mental Health First aider for the department.
• Mental health support available for staff being researched
• Social activities for staff to promote integration between teams
• Review of current staff award scheme underway.

Terms of reference
The ToR have been re-written and presented for board review; these were approved by the board.

Engagement Multiplier
JP gave an update regarding the operations support team:

8. AOB
Social impact statement needs to be updated to publicise our contribution
- JP to find previous one
- AT to find out more informationEND OF MEETING
Date of Next Meeting Friday 21st October 2022, at 10am Edwardian Suite, Devon Hotel, Matford, Exeter


Date of Next Meeting Friday 21st October 2022, at 10am
Edwardian Suite, Devon Hotel, Matford, Exeter