Your feedback March 2015

12th April 2015

Thank you to all those Chime patients that continue to provide us with very valuable feedback. It really matters to us all at Chime that we continue to listen and seek feedback from those we care for. Thank-you

Your feedback March 2015

Our March 2015 realtime feedback results are in and are shared below.

Some of the kind things you said to us last month ( March 2015) were:

‘wonderful treatment, taken great trouble always with a smile’.

‘very professional and helpful, kind and efficient’

‘the service I received was perfect. Patient, clear, concise, informative, discreet, sympathetic and an excellent example of a truly professional department as a whole. Thank you to all staff concerned’.

‘ 3 named staff…..kind and supportive, they are a real credit to Chime’

‘ I called in to clinic to fix my husband’s hearing aid, it was 5.30pm and reception was closed but some members of staff were around. They gladly and cheerfully fixed the hearing aid going above and beyond and saving us another trip to the hospital. Thank you so much.’