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News round up for the Chime team

Posted on 2020-05-07 14:23:00 in General

Our role during Covid-19 and how we can support you

A message from Jonathan Parsons, Managing Director of Chime:

"We are incredibly proud of the entire team at Chime and wanted to share with our community what we have been up to during lockdown – the overriding sentiment is that we are still very much here for our patients. As well as trying to assist our patients and clients as best we can during Covid-19, we have also been offering additional assistance to the NHS wherever possible during these challenging times and we hope you find this update interesting.

"Chime is still operating but in a reduced capacity due to Covid-19. We are running for essential or urgent work such as hearing aid repairs, but we are encouraging people to post items, rather than visiting one of our clinics. We have a robust and safe system in place to process repairs, with most being turned around within 48hrs, often sooner. We are also happy to post out batteries too, please do give our team a call on 01392 492223 with any queries. When sending items to our repair team, we ask that items are posted in padded envelopes, and sent to: Audiology Department RDE, Barrack Road, Exeter, EX2 5DW.

"The safety of our team, clients and the patients we are treating in hospital is of paramount importance.

"Our team have also been working together on the frontline to carry out mask ‘fit’ testing of essential PPE on those frontline staff needing it, ensuring it is fit and safe for purpose. This is a procedure that takes 20-30 minutes per frontline staff to ensure the mask is fully compliant and safe for use.

"Covid-19 has created an entirely new way of ‘doing things’ and we have been really proud of how the entire team has come together to not only make sure the equipment is correct, but provide morale and support for those team members on the front line, which has remained high during these unprecedented times. 

"Chime staff have also volunteered for redeployment in the areas needed in hospitals and we remain a firm supporter and partner of the NHS.

"Several members of the team have been carrying out hearing screening on all of the babies born in the area (read about this here), mainly carrying this out on postnatal wards, but also contacting new parents directly to offer them the screen for their new babies. This service was delivered by Health Visitors but, since the outbreak of Covid-19, have had to cease routine visits.

"It is fair to say that baby screening has fast become one of the most enjoyable new roles at Chime – those involved cannot help but smile from ear to ear, getting to meet the newborns!

"In addition to this, we are also collaborating with other healthcare scientists in the area to raise the profile of what kind of work we do and what skills we have in order to offer a coordinated response in the current crisis. This has also included volunteering in Nightingale Hospitals across the country."

Keep an eye out for more updates on our social media channels and remember, if you have any queries whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact the Chime team on 01392 402223.