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How long does it take to get used to a hearing aid?

Posted on 2021-04-22 18:34:00 in General

Most people will notice an immediate difference in their hearing when they first wear their hearing aids. Speech should sound clearer and less muffled, but it is likely that it will sound quite strange.

It will take you some time to adjust to wearing hearing aids for the first time, or to get used to new hearing aids if they have been changed. This can vary from a few weeks up to a few months and is different for everybody.

Getting used to how hearing aids sound

It is very likely that your hearing aids will sound quite strange to begin with. Your brain will have adapted to hearing speech and other everyday sounds with your hearing loss. When the hearing aids amplify the sounds that you have been missing out on, they may sound quite loud and echoey to begin with. Your own voice may sound a bit different as well – this is very normal at the start. Over time as you wear the hearing aids, your brain will re-adjust to hearing these sounds and things with start to sound more normal and balanced.

Generally, the more you wear your hearing aids, the more quickly you will get used to them!

Getting used to how they feel

Its not only the sound of the hearing aids that can take time to get used to – you might find it takes time to get used to how they feel in your ears as well. The sensation of having hearing aids might feel a bit strange to start with, and you are likely to be very aware of how they feel. Over time you will get used to this - many people don’t even notice the hearing aids are there after a while!

Getting used to managing your hearing aids

Putting the hearing aids into your ears is something that might also take a bit of time to get used to. We will provide you with instructions and pictures showing you how to do this. To start with, it might seem a bit fiddly and you may find it takes you a while to get them in. If you struggle initially, take a break for a while and then come back to them again and have another go when you are feeling more relaxed. You can always request some advice if you have any queries or concerns.

Hearing aid batteries generally last about a week. When the battery is running low, the hearing aid will play a warning signal into your ear to indicate it is time to change the battery. You might wonder what this sound is to start with, but once you have heard this a few times you will know what to listen out for. Visit our Hearing Aid FAQs page for more guidance on solutions to helping troubleshoot hearing aid issues at home.

If you continue to have difficulty, please get in touch with us so that we can provide you with further guidance.