Chime Torbay reaches 10,000 homes and businesses across the bay

26th August 2014

Local press across the Bay area helps get the message out to local residents on the news that a new NHS based hearing service is launched to help those who have difficulty with their hearing

Chime Torbay reaches 10,000 homes and businesses across the bay

Toby Osborn, Senior Audiologist and Manager of Chime Torbay – a newly launched NHS audiology service located in Croft Hall in Torquay – comments:
“Recent research has demonstrated that resolving hearing loss positively impacts dementia with a marked slowing in cognitive decline, and resolving hearing loss also reduces falls which are an increasing healthcare burden as our population continues to get older.

Leaving any hearing problem untreated could in fact lead to the greater hearing difficulties in the long run and, like with most conditions, the sooner the patient acts or seeks professional medical advice, the better. We advise anyone concerned about their hearing, no matter how minor the problem appears, to consult their GP and ask for a referral to an NHS audiologist expert such as Chime.”

The first thing a GP will do is look in the ears to check for any temporary causes of hearing loss, such as a build-up of wax or an ear infection, which can be treated immediately.

If there’s no obvious cause of your hearing loss, your GP should refer you to a hearing specialist for further tests (see