Chime raises the game with latest specialist clinic in Dawlish

31st July 2017

Chime is thrilled to announce the opening of our new hearing clinic in Devon, based at Barton Surgery in Dawlish. As part of a new Health Hub in the seaside town, Chime will be part of three organisations providing expert care to patients in the local area.

Chime raises the game with latest specialist clinic in Dawlish

We are teaming up with Barton Eyecare and Exeter Physio to provide high quality eye, ear and physical healthcare at the Health Hub, for both existing and new patients.

Our advances in hearing technology has led to the availability of even more resources and discreet gadgets, which work seamlessly with hearing aids to improve the quality of life for the hearing impaired. From facilitating hearing in group situations, with devices specifically designed to enable a person with hearing loss to pick out one voice at a time, to gadgets which link up your hearing aid to your TV, without changing the volume for other viewers. With cutting edge technology to assess the needs for and tailor hearing solutions precisely to each patient, Chime can reduce the needs on the NHS and provide expertise to all.

As a centre of excellence for hearing, we really do hope locals take advantage of the specialist care now available to them on their doorstep. Many people suffering from the onset of hearing loss tend to put off addressing the issue until it is severely impeding their day-to-day lives. With such fantastic discreet aids and advanced technology available, we encourage people to book a consultation sooner rather than later.

People with hearing difficulties can be referred to the Chime clinic following a doctor’s appointment at Barton Surgery, as well as the opportunity to walk in and speak to a consultant directly, book an appointment or just source additional information.

Please feel free to drop into the new clinic and speak to a consultant today, for more information on the services we can offer you.

The opening times are: 

Mon, Wed, Thurs 0845-1730 hrs

The contact details are:

For NHS Hearing Aids, please contact 01392 402223

For Commercial Aids & accessories, please contact 01392 953060