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Chime Health User Group launch

Posted on 2015-01-25 12:39:00 in General

Partnership formed with experts in hearing matters.

Chime is delighted to confirm a partnership with ' Hear in Honiton' a self-support group for those with hearing loss in the Honiton area. 

'Hear in Honiton' will act as the as the Chime Health Service User Group and meet quarterly thoughout the year.

The role of this expert panel of people with hearing loss is to act as a sounding board as Chime continually looks to improve and refine its services. The feedback of the Chime User Group is shared with the Chime management and leadership, and the decisions made are then shared back with the user group.

Sue  Salvage, Chime Principal  Hearing Therapist and a key member of the partnership said "As we look to evolve exemplary hearing care services across Devon and lead the way in continually improving and developing our hearing services, it is so important to listen closely and involve our patients. This User Group is a key part of doing this vital work and it is a real pleasure and honour to work with the 'Hear in Honiton' group ".

'Hear in Honiton' meet monthly on the 3rd Tuesday of each month 10:00-12:00 hrs at the Honiton Methodist Church, Chapel Street, Honiton, Devon.

Welcoming new joiners at all times, this group can be contacted as follows:

Helen Stoneman txt/voicemail 0756686360 or 01404 815866

email :