Chime encourages hearing health at Christmas

1st December 2016

The festive season can often highlight and intensify issues surrounding hearing loss, which is why we are encouraging you to make your hearing health a priority this Christmas.

Chime encourages hearing health at Christmas

Inevitably group situations increase over the Christmas period but if you are experiencing hearing difficulties, these celebrations with friends and family can prove far more challenging. You may feel left out of conversations, find yourself turning down invitations to events or feeling embarrassed when you have to ask people to repeat themselves. Feeling like this can be incredibly isolating but by simply booking a FREE hearing test, you’ll already be on the right path to correcting this. If you feel like you are experiencing any of these symptoms, there are several ways in which Chime can help you...

We have 15 clinics throughout Devon with a team of experienced audiologists who provide free hearing tests and expert help and advice. This, combined with our state of the art technology, means we can combat both hearing loss and the issues, which come with it. In turn, this will result in considerably increasing a sufferer’s confidence.

We not only provide hearing aids, but advances in technology have led to the availability of even more discreet gadgets. The Roger Pen for example is a wireless microphone which is disguised as a pen and is compatible with all hearing aids. It offers better speech understanding for group situations when there might be a lot of people talking all at once.

To find out what other technology and hearing aids are available, get in touch to arrange a free hearing test.

Chime Managing Director, Jonathan Parsons comments: ”However large or small you think your hearing issues might be, it’s always worth having it checked. We hope that our advice and technology will help people seek help sooner than the current average. If there is one time of year that will emphasise the sheer scale of hearing difficulties, it’s now!”