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Chime and Phonak Partnership

Posted on 2015-05-11 11:11:00 in General

Chime are pleased to announce that it has now commenced using Phonak hearing aids for fitting to patients.

From April 2015 Chime are using Phonak as its main supplier of hearing aids. This follows the announcement of this new partnership at the BAA conference in November 2014.

Jonathan Parsons , Managing Director of Chime said “I am delighted that we have been able to partner with Phonak in terms of getting the best hearing aids to NHS patients .I very much look forward to working with Phonak to strengthen our strategic direction in terms of expansion whilst retaining our core values as a not for profit Social Enterprise”.
Stuart Neilson, Managing Director of Phonak UK added “All of us here at Phonak are excited to have been given the opportunity to become a strategic partner with the Chime organisation. We respect and admire the culture and core values that are at the centre of their ambitions and hope to bring together our joint expertise and advanced technologies to provide the best possible patient experiences.”