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Audiology apprenticeship opportunities

Posted on 2021-05-06 11:49:00 in General

Hearing Aid Audiologist Apprenticeship at Chime, innovative specialists in hearing care. Are you interested in an apprenticeship career in healthcare science?  

Audiology apprenticeships

Opportunities have arisen for an exciting opportunity for the candidates to undertake an apprenticeship within Audiology at Chime. There are currently audiologist apprenticeship positions available for 18-month apprenticeships.

What is Audiology?

Audiology is a challenging and expanding field involving the study of hearing and balance. As a healthcare science profession, audiology also involves assessment, management, and therapeutic rehabilitation of people with hearing and balance problems, and associated disorders. This work involves patients of all ages, from new-born babies and children to working adults and elderly people. The role involves a blend of working with people and using a range of technology.

How does apprenticeship training work?

An apprenticeship works just like a regular job in that alongside your training and you are being paid to do a job to the best of your abilities. To start with you’ll probably spend a lot of time having to take in new information, have more responsibility for your own actions and learn how to do the job you are training for.

Studying for a Foundation Degree

Successful candidates will be funded through their Foundation Degree studies alongside the Higher-Level Apprenticeship but will also be employed as a trainee for the duration of the apprenticeship. You will undertake training and education to then register with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Would an audiology apprenticeship be of interest to you?

Individuals with an interest in biological sciences, psychology, physics, and electronics, as well as speech and language development, may find that audiology has a lot to offer them. A desire to work with and help people is essential and forms an important component of both training and the job.

What will I do when I qualify?

You will be employed as a Hearing Aid Audiologist, working primarily with adults.

A typical working day will include working in hospital and community settings and: 

  • Decide on the best way to test a patient's hearing.
  • Perform hearing tests.
  • Adapt tests to suit the age and ability of the patient.
  • Investigate any related medical, physical, and emotional symptoms.
  • Fit, test or repair hearing aid devices and technology.
  • Provide ongoing support and aftercare to patients.
  • Supporting ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) clinics.

Career Development

Career development in this area of healthcare science can lead into in areas including: 

  • Adult assessment and rehabilitation. 
  • Pediatrics.
  • Research and development. 
  • Special needs groups, e.g., patients with learning disabilities. 
  • Teaching.

Hearing Aid Audiologist Apprentice Job application

More information can be found on the job advert: Click here or by contacting or by contacting Steve Campbell on 01392 402223.