A discreet hearing device that lets you effortlessly reconnect with the world

5th June 2018

Chime Hearing are proud to introduce the latest offering from Phonak, the new Audéo B-Direct hearing aid.

A discreet hearing device that lets you effortlessly reconnect with the world

This revolutionary new hearing aid offers wearers more freedom than ever before, using state-of-the-art Bluetooth technology to revolutionise the wearer’s experience. Combined with our expert and quality service, this new device ensures seamless transitions through your day-to-day life, from speaking on the phone to watching TV with family and friends.

Here at Chime, we are pioneers and are always looking at ways to improve our service. With over 300 years of experience across the team, we only use the latest advances in digital hearing aids and support. The Audéo B-Direct is available at the Chime Hearing Centre (our commercial store at Harlequins) in the centre of Exeter, and also at the Barton Health Hub in Dawlish.

This latest hearing aid has the capacity to connect directly to your mobile phone, enabling you to manage a myriad of functions simply by pressing a button on your hearing aid. Take calls and hear the caller without having to even hold your phone, reject and hang-up calls with just the touch of a button, or even turn your phone into a remote control for your hearing aid! The device is compatible with all mobile phones with Bluetooth 4.2, so you needn’t have a smartphone to be eligible.

The Audéo B-Direct includes a multitude of additional features to make your life as easy and seamless as possible. To name but a few;

In-car broadband noise reduction, to ensure easy conversation.
TV connector which streams the sound directly to your ears
Echo sound reduction to minimise the distortion created by echo sounds.
Revolutionary music technology to enhance your favourite tunes.
Noise and Whistle-Block technology to reduce annoying background sounds from your hearing aids.
Sound Recover2 enables you to recover the ability to hear high pitched sounds with perfect clarity.

If the Audéo B-Direct sounds like a device which will suit you, make an appointment to see our hearing experts @ Chime Hearing Centre, Exeter City Centre. Our specialist trained audiologists will be able to assess and advise if the Audéo B-Direct will be suitable for you. Prices start @ £2895 for a pair.

01392 953060 chc.exeter@chimehealth.co.uk

*Phonak TV connector is an additional item not included with the hearing aid.