Assisted Hearing Devices

Chime can demonstrate and give advice on assistive listening devices, which may support communication in more challenging environments: meetings, lectures, socialising.

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Chime can also advise on environmental equipment, such as amplified telephones, alarm clocks, fire alarms, doorbells and other alerting products. This equipment can be demonstrated at SoundBase, Bull Meadow Road Exeter. SoundBase are able to offer a ‘try before you buy’ service on some equipment.

Referral can be made by Chime staff to Social Services where a Rehabilitation Officer – Hearing Impairment (ROHI) can undertake a domiciliary visit to help with the recommendation of specific equipment.

Social services also run a ‘Sensory Bus’ that visits rural areas of Devon with information, equipment and advice for people who may have difficulty accessing SoundBase. Product information can be obtained from:

Action on Hearing Loss
01733 361199

01737 247571

Gordon Morris
01458 272121