Hearing Therapy

The Hearing Therapist provides a comprehensive rehabilitation service for adults with an acquired hearing loss to help find ways of accepting and adjusting to hearing loss. We will also focus on methods of managing hearing loss and communication, and any associated stress.

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The Hearing Therapist will assess the individual needs of the patient and formulate a programme of support that may include:

  • Counselling for individuals and their families
  • Advice on communication strategies at home, work and socially
  • Advice on assistive listening devices and environmental equipment
  • Information about local and national organisations
  • Lip-reading tuition
  • Auditory training
  • Information and advice regarding education and work situations, including consideration of any potential need for adjustments or assistive/alerting equipment.

Sudden profound deafness may additionally require:

  • A specialised management programme for the patient and family
  • Support throughout the cochlear implant programme, if appropriate, including pre-implant counselling and information, and post-implant rehabilitation and auditory training.

Hearing Therapy is also offered to people with associated disorders such as Menieres Disease, Auditory Processing Disorder, Vestibular Schwannoma (also known as an Acoustic Neuroma).