If you have a problem with your balance you should seek the advice of your GP. They may refer you to an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor who may then refer you to Audiology for a vestibular (balance) assessment.

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What happens in the Balance Diagnostic Clinics?

The Audiologist will take a detailed history of your balance problems and you may be asked to complete some formal questionnaires. A number of tests will be performed including some gentle balance tasks which might require you to move your head and body posture to see if your balance is upset.

Detailed observation of your eye movements will also be undertaken using goggles placed over your eyes or via small electrodes placed near to both eyes which are connected to a computer. You will be asked to follow the movement of a light on a light-bar using your eyes. This enables the Audiologist to measure eye movements which are directly related to your balance.

The final test assesses the balance function of each ear independently by putting a small amount of air into each ear in turn.

How long does a Vestibular Assessment take?

A balance diagnostic appointment usually takes approximately two hours.