Peter’s Story

I went for a hearing aid review with some trepidation because I knew there was a risk that I would be asked to revert to the old-fashioned hearing moulds.

I explained my concerns and particularly my needs as the customer. There was a complete and refreshing absence of “mummy knows best” in the way Chime handled my review.

Chime bent over backwards to fit and supply me with exactly what I wanted. This has resulted in a significant improvement from my previous aids.

Chime took a tremendous amount of time and trouble to make sure I understood them properly and the precise improvement which it was possible to achieve.

I am still working running my own business and being involved in chairing meetings. I am also very physically active, horse riding, swimming and sailing.

I almost went to xxx but decided to come to Chime and get the best hearing test I could.

I am glad I did.

Many thanks.