John’s Story

I had severe hearing loss due to industrial damage back in the 1980’s and have been wearing hearing aids since 1989.

I came across Chime a few years ago, and they have transformed my life by providing me with digital hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity.My new aids have been life changing.

The new technology means I don’t get feedback even when I have my head on a pillow. It may sound like a small thing but I can hear the birds singing!

Because they can connect via Bluetooth to multiple devices, it means I can use the hands-free phone in the car but most importantly it gave me back the ability to listen to music on my iPhone, computer etc which had been a big gap in my life. Even when I listen to music directly now the sound quality is so much better.

Of course the CHIME team is second to none, my audiologist always being so supportive and patient. Working with them and providing them with specific feedback was critical to enable them to adjust and tailor the new aids to my specific needs.

They were even able to create a specific setting on my aids to support a loop system that helps me communicate with passengers in the car. I can’t thank them enough.